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established, and largest private centre for the rehabilitation of senior people and elderly care in north-western Tehran. The Complex was founded by a medical team in 1997, designed with up-to-date technology, and structured based on the physical and emotional welfare of the seniors. Our main goal has always been achieving the highest satisfaction and comfort of the residents and their families. We are happy to say that today, with an exemplary history, our centres are considered by doctors and health centres to be the most creditable, high-quality nursing homes in Tehran, and they recommend us to their elderly patients. We are proud to state that many of our residents are regarded as some of the most cultured and sophisticated members of the society. The children of many of our respected residents live abroad, and they have expressed their peace of mind at knowing that their dear parents are staying in such a suitable establishment.

We accommodate seniors with different needs. Some are completely healthy and have simply chosen to board with us to escape loneliness and to relieve themselves of such chores as shopping, cooking, and house-keeping. Others have special dietary requirements or are in need of specific medical attention or rehabilitation. Our rooms are mainly private ones (bedrooms with one to three beds are available), furnished with all the requirements and having en suite facilities. We employ trained medical personnel and caregivers to provide necessary healthcare services. There are recreational tours to take the residents outside the complex almost every day, and we also hold special events and group activities on holidays, enjoyed by the elderly and appreciated by their families. The quality of our delicious meals and deserts is specifically noteworthy, as are numerous other outstanding services which we provide.

If you feel concerned about your seniors’ living conditions, we recommend that you contact our counsellors today. The information you gather in this way might open a path to a brighter, safer future. Counselling is free of charge and readily accessible. The best way to get in touch with our counsellors is to call or send an email.

 To receive counselling or information on admission, please call us at 0098 (0) 21 88080304, or send us an email at info@farzanegan.org.ir

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